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I published a Book!

I have neglected this blog lately. This is partly because I have shifted most of my blogging to ""  (See link at the top.) But it is also because I have been hard at work compiling my first published book. It is a collection of essays, covering all of the major topics of American history, which connects the events of the past to the United States today. Essentially, is it an attempt to do in written form what I have been doing for eleven years as a community college instructor.

This started as blog posts that I originally published here and/or at Hubpages. If you click the link below, it will take you to an article that I wrote on Hubpages which describes the book in more detail:

A description of the book, including links to where it can be bought.

Here is a link my book at where it can be purchased:

Amazon link

Thanks for reading. I hope to visit some of my old Blogger friends soon.

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  1. Congratulations, Paul! I'll check out the link right now.


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