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The First Progressives: Liberal / Conservative Hybrids

My latest article is about Progressive reformers of the early 20th century, and how they had both liberal and conservative ideas and traits. (Click here for article.)

Watergate, Conspiracy Theories, and the Internet Age

Could something like Watergate happen today? Here are some thoughts. (Click here for article.)

Creating Jobs

This is an attempt to dispel the notion that current politicians have a major impact on the current state of the economy. (Click here for link.)

Lessons from the Salem Witch Trials

Latest article. This will hopefully one day be a chapter in a book. (Click here for link.)

Making History Relevant (My Future Book)

I recently decided on a plan for how to compile some of the stuff I have written in a book. We'll see if I can pull it off, and if anyone would ever want to read it. (Here is the link.)

Political Apathy and "Fahrenheit 451"

My latest article is inspired by a novel that I read recently. How is Fahrenheit 451, written 60 years ago, still relevant today? (Click here for link.)