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The Royal Wedding: Why I Don't Care

The title speaks for itself. I apologize ahead of time for people who take any interest in the lives of the British royal family. (Here is the link.)

The Old West: Images & Myths vs. Reality

This new article that I just wrote pretty much summarizes most of what I talk about with my community college classes regarding the late 19th century American West. (Here is the link.)

Reconstruction: Success of Failure?

I just wrote this article analyzing the choices that the United States made in the years immediately following the Civil War. It mostly focuses on the situation faced by former slaves. (Here is the link.)

Community College Cuts: A "Liberal" Response

As the title indicates, this is partly a response to the community college budget cuts that are looming here in California. It is also a more general response to the conservative notion that spending and tax cuts are the answers to all of our problems. (Click here for link.)

Questions to not Ask Your College Professor

This is a list of some of the less than stellar questions that I have periodically heard over the years. (Here is the link.)

Libya: President Obama's Bad Options

As the title indicates, I just wrote an article going through the various options that the United States had in dealing with the situation in Libya. It also talks about the impossible, thankless job of being President of the United States. (Here is the link.)