Visit me at (Click here for link) I have "moved" some older posts to this site.

Car Culture (and the Uncertain Future of Transportation)

Another chapter of my future book. It describes the far-reaching impact of automobiles on every facet of Americans' lives. (Click here for link.)

What is the Least Unfair? (Thoughts on the Debt Ceiling Crisis)

Here the best two-page summary that I could write describing my political beliefs and their relation to the current so-called "crisis." (Click here for link.)

Abraham Lincoln: Man vs. Myth

Here's the latest essay in my (hopefully) soon to be completed book. It's an expanded version of a blog post from a long time ago. (Click here for link.)

So You Think We have Problems.

A comparison of our current problems with those who lived through the Great Depression and World War II. (Click here for link.)

World War II Fascination

Why do so many people find World War II fascinating? Here are some thoughts. (Click here for link.)

The American Revolution and What it Means to be American

A discussion of the causes of the American revolution and of the difficulty of defining American culture. (Click here for link.)

Nat Turner: Terrorist or Freedom Fighter?

The story of the most famous slave revolt in American history, and speculation about how future generations will judge our current enemies. (Click here for link.)