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Why I Like College: Thoughts on Freedom & Growing Up

Here's my latest article. It compares my personal experiences attending and teaching grammar/secondary school to my experiences in college. (Here's the link.)

Disneyland Advice, pt. 1: Rides for Small Kids

I decided to try something a little different in this post. It's about a subject that I have come to know very well. If you are ever planning a trip to Disneyland and have small kids, this could come in handy. (Here is the link.)

What is Presidents Day?

A new article that I quickly whipped together in honor of today. It's not meant to be taken too seriously. (Here's the link.)

Tecumseh: Enemy or Hero (or both)?

Here's my latest article. It's about the early 19th century Native American leader who tried to unite the various tribes to fight the United States. How should he be remembered, as an enemy of the United States, a hero, or a victim of conquest?

Pets: Why I Don't Want Any

A new article inspired by the death of my kids' guinea pig. I apologize if it is a little bit depressing. (Here's the link.)

Egypt, Tunisia, and American Foreign Policy

Thoughts on recent events in North Africa and on how the United States may need to rethink its foreign policy. Is it time for the United States to start encouraging democracy rather than promoting its perceived self-interest?
(Here's the link.)

God's Limitations

Here's the first new article that I've written in a while. It discusses how a perfect, all-powerful God would face some serious limitations. (Here's the link.)