Visit me at (Click here for link) I have "moved" some older posts to this site.

Can Democracy and Extreme Inequality Coexist?

This is inspired partly by current events in North Africa and the Middle East and partly by the early history of the English colonies. (Here is the link.)

How Would I Respond to an 8.9?

In this article, I speculate about how I would do if I was a survivor in an area devastated by a massive earthquake like the one in Japan. (Click here for article.)

Illegal Immigration in the USA: Practical Realities & Traditional Fears

About a year ago, I wrote a blog post about immigration throughout United States History, relating these events to the current debate. I went back and made some revisions to that post for this article, which I think better describes my current thinking on the subject. (Here is the link.)

A Defense of NPR (and Public Broadcasting)

This is a response to the latest controversy involving NPR, and a discussion of the general question of whether or not federal dollars should be spent on public broadcasting. Warning: I am an avid listener of National Public Radio. (Here is the link.)

American Health Care: Problems & Needed Reforms

I originally posted most of this as three separate blog posts. So for this article, I combined the three posts and made a few revisions. It's the best that I could do with one of the most difficult issues in American society. (Here's the link.)

The Myth of Race and the Curse of Racism

My latest article attempts to argue to there is no scientific basis for the concept of race, and eliminating this purely cultural construct would be a big step toward reducing prejudice. (Click here for link.)