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A Mosque Near Ground Zero? (The Message Sent by Protestors)

Here's a brief video about the controversy discussed in this post.

I have no conception of the suffering experienced by the friends and families of those who were murdered when the twin towers were destroyed. If I was in their position, the thought of a Muslim community center near Ground Zero might also strike a nerve. Still, I cannot help but give a simple and some would say insensitive analysis of the situation. By turning this into a major issue, the opponents of this construction project are sending a terrible and dangerous message to the Muslim world.

The “War on Terror” is supposed to be a battle against a behavior. It is not a war against a particular country, ethnicity, or religion. The behavior of the United States over the last nine years, however, has convinced many in the Muslim world that this is actually a war against Islam, the exact message promoted by Islamic extremist groups. Protests against this building project further create this impression. If Americans are angry about a mosque near Ground Zero, it indicates that they hold Muslims in general responsible for the September 11 attacks. So the only logical conclusion for Muslims is that many Americans actually consider themselves to be at war with Islam itself.

Some Americans who are angry about this project will deny this simple fact, and I admit that their motives for protesting against it may vary. Their various arguments and justifications, however, are irrelevant. The only thing that really matters is the perception that this controversy creates around the world. To limit the threat of terrorism, the only effective strategies are to find and neutralize current, potential terrorists and reduce the number of future terrorist recruits. Even more than the Cold War, this is at heart an ideological struggle. Potentially alienating hundreds of millions of Muslims and creating the impression that Americans are at war with Islam, therefore, is the most dangerous thing that can be done. Unfortunately, nine years into this “war,” many Americans still have much to learn. It’s bad enough that so many people still believe that conventional military operations are the best way to eliminate a non-military threat. But what is even more disheartening is that so many Americans have yet to even properly identify the enemy.


  1. Ultimately, I think the enemy is hatred and lack of communication. I don't really care who actually attacked America. Personally, I think that the conspiracy theory of 9/11 is very well supported by physics, chemistry, and other sciences. Since when do steel buildings collapse at free-fall speed from jet fuel fires? Then there was WTC 7.

  2. The enemy is a specific interpretation of Islam that concludes that the U.S. has become the domain of Satan. Actually, someone who took a literal interpretation of the Old Testament would conclude the same. So, since Allah is not destroying America, they have decided that they must.

    To the extent that they can, they will destroy America and our understanding or sensitivity will not change that. If we stop drinking and smoking; if we cover our women; if we cease the fornication; if we accept the wisdom of Sharia, then they will not destroy us.

    So, if you want to turn the U.S. into that, then they will have no quarrel with us. Otherwise, you better load your guns and prepare for war. Because, no matter what you want. No matter what you think. They are coming after us.

    Since I was a child I have expressed my doubt about 'Freedom of Religion.' We were so proud of ourselves when we could get it to work in an overwhelmingly Judeo-Christian nation. How does it work when we grant religious freedom to groups who fundamentally disagree with us on morality and the justness of laws? Short answer; it doesn't.

    Watch France and England. They are ahead of us. I expect in ten years or so, there will be mass killings of Muslims that the governments just can't quite seem to stop. They will continue until France once again is overwhelmingly French and England is overwhelmingly English.

    May not seem right... but that is how it goes. Cultural invasions, sooner or later, if the wherewithal exists, are repelled.

  3. Michael, you may be proven right. However, as you said, it is important to keep in mind that we are dealing with a "specific interpretation of Islam." Millions of Muslims live in the United States peacefully, so clearly Islamic extremists do not constitute the majority. Also, there is a good chance that Islamic extremists would leave the U.S. alone if we left the countries in the Muslim world alone. Our political policies, more than our culture, are what offend them. There are many countries on earth that have values as liberal as ours that are not significant terrorist targets. The difference is that these countries are neither as powerful or aggressive as the United States.

  4. The misconception of the American society is the they believe the "Muslims" took the awful attack the accured in 9/11.. and Speaking on behalf of the "Islam".. Those who killing innocent Humans.. As Far As I know.. it's not an Islamic act, nor christianity. Personally I think. that the attack that took place at in 9/11 those who were resposiable they have their own Religon and it's called "Terrorism". And they are playing GAME between us... IF and Only.. we put our hands together..WE CAN AND WILL DESTORY THE RELIGION CALLED "TERRORISM.


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