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How do you Compete With Free?

Does Facebook have a viable business model? Is it becoming more difficult to sell written content when so much is available for free? This recent article includes my responses to these and other related questions: Click here for link to Hubpages

The Hunger Games, pt. 2: Should Kids Read this Stuff?

Some people would argue that The Hunger Games is not appropriate reading for children. Here are my thoughts: Click here for link to Hubpages

The Hunger Games, pt.1: Could This Ever Happen?

This is the first of at least three posts inspired by the book "The Hunger Games." I explore the question of whether or not this type of violent entertainment could ever become a reality. (Here is the link.)

The Health Care Reform Case, and Legislating from the Bench

I wrote this a few days ago, but since we still do not know what the Supreme Court decision will be regarding the health insurance mandate, it is still up-to-date. (Click here for link.)

A War Without Sacrifice

My latest article discusses the efforts by the federal government to shield the public from the true costs of the "War on Terror." (Click here for link.)

President's Obama Legacy

In my latest article, I argue that President Obama may be judged more by his performance in his second term than in his first. Now that the economy appears to be improving, will he be enough of a leader to ask Americans to make sacrifices? (Click here for the article on Hubpages.)

When Recessions Come, Who is to Blame?

In this article, I discuss our human tendency to look for a scapegoat when things go badly. But in an economy as complex as ours, simplistic answers don't make a lot of sense. (Click here for the link to my Hubpages article.)